Van Ness Elementary School


Uniform Policy

Uniform Tips

The following are considered aligned with the Uniform Policy:

  • Any logo uniform shirt from approved vendors

  • Any light blue or navy polo (long or short sleeve)

  • Any appropriate short, pant, or skirt

  • Cardigans or hoodies in navy or black

  • Collared light blue or navy dresses

  • Jumper-style dresses worn above or underneath a uniform-compliant top

From the Van Ness Family Handbook: Light blue Van Ness short or long sleeve t-shirt or polo on top. Students may also wear plain light blue or navy polo shirts. In cooler weather, students may wear a navy or black cardigan.

Students can wear any bottoms, but should refrain from wearing bottoms that are see-through, that don’t fit properly at the waist and lack a belt, short shorts, or clothing that has inappropriate writing on it.

Students should wear closed-toe shoes for safety on the playground. Avoid wearing flip-flops or other strappy sandals that could cause injury.

Where to Purchase

Shirts with logos may be purchased only from these approved vendors:

  • Custom Ink Fundraiser - Light blue and navy t-shirts (long and short sleeved) - Stand by for future fundraisers

    • Look for youth hoodies and adult baseball t-shirts here too!

  • G-Land Uniform - Light blue polos and t-shirts (long and short sleeved)

  • French Toast - Heat transferred logo may be added for $3.50 (5% cash back to Van Ness) - (Grey logo on light blue; Light blue logo on Navy)

Plain light blue or navy polos may be purchased from the following vendors: