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Room Parents

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Room Parents

Description: We are recruiting family members to serve as a room parent. Van Ness room parents meet with their classroom teacher to decide how best to support the classroom. Additionally, the PTO asks room parents to focus on building a community within their classroom—to be the “block captain” of your class. We would like room parents to try to get to know the parents in their classroom, and provide opportunities for parents to get to know each other.

The room parent commits to three things:

  • A meeting with the classroom teachers in the classroom to discuss the year and outline needs and expectations

  • Organize one meet-up for families in the fall semester

  • Organize one meet-up for families in the spring semester

Meet-ups can be as simple as picking a time and date to meet up at a playground. But they can be as creative as you want! (But we ask that they are free to participants).

Room parents can do much more than three minimum requirements, should they and the teacher feel motivated. For example, often, classes organize to give joint holiday/birthday/end of year gifts. This can be a role of the room parent, but it is not required.

Training: Room Parents will be invited to attend a short kick-off meeting. The PTO Board will be available for consultation throughout the year.

Time Commitment: At minimum, time commitment is about one hour a month

Requirements: Most work can be done after hours from home.